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An international collective of freelancers offering branding and digital services to responsible organizations


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socially and environmentally
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Branding and digital are our forte. Given the state of the world, we think it’s time that we start using our skills for clients that are doing good.

First+Foremost is a collective of 4 freelancers who want to pull their weight on important issues.

We joined forces based on our common ambition to support and promote altruistic progress. How? By making better use of our skills and by working with the right type of clients. The type that actively contributes to social and environmental progress, but gets drowned in a sea of marketing from bigger corporations.

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What you won’t get with us:


Working with agencies can be expensive, and sometimes the money isn’t well spent. As a collective of freelancers working directly with clients, we’re able to offer transparent rates and processes.


We can help from the creation or refresh of a brand, through to its development on digital channels.

We work in English et Français!

    We start with the research phase by organising interviews, workshops and desk research. We then conduct an analysis of all key learnings and articulate brand fundamentals such as brand positioning, personality and purpose.

    For branding projects, we develop brand guidelines that could include logo design, illustration and color. For web design, we always wireframe, prototype and test ideas before entering the visual design and user interface stage.

    A developer enables digital interaction. When done properly, this interaction is smooth, robust and scalable. Our web development offering covers analytics, tech consultancy, CMS systems, hosting and maintenance support.

Our team

We might come from different parts of the world, but we form a bloody great team.

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Willem Olenski
Tom Parkes
Piers Olenski
Cynthia Ghernati
Ready When You Are
Ready When You Are

Let’s create a brand and website that live up to your valuable actions. When you are ready, give us a shout.

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