First and Foremost

An international collective offering branding and digital services to responsible organizations


We work on
socially and environmentally
responsible projects

Branding and digital are our forte. We put our skills to good use by contributing to progress and innovation that have real impact on important issues.

First+Foremost is a collective of 6 strategy, design and development experts.

We joined forces based on our common ambition to support and promote altruistic progress. We exist to develop brands, websites and digital products for clients and projects that deserve attention.

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What you won’t get with us:


Working with agencies can be expensive, and sometimes the money isn’t well spent. As a collective of freelancers working directly with clients, we’re able to offer transparent rates and processes.

We can help from the creation or refresh of a brand, through to its development on digital channels.

We work in English et Français!

    Without a well-defined brand, there is no platform on which to build on – leading to disparate messages, confusing offering and unclear purpose.

    Through research, interviews and workshops, we immerse ourselves into our clients' world to fully understand and articulate a distinct and coherent voice that truly reflects and supports the organisation's mission.

    Fundamental brand elements are then applied across all touch points such as product design, website content, marketing strategy and social media.

    Our design approach focuses on delivering outstanding digital brand experiences and design systems. Whilst our design always strives to be honest, unobtrusive and usable, we always ensure a level of beauty that makes our work stand out amongst the noise.

    Each identity project will contain essential assets such as brand guidelines, logo, typography, colour, graphic devices, illustration or iconography.

    Our digital outputs such as product design, UI, UX and websites are always human-centred. We consistently maintain an exceptional design expertise and understanding – from concept to the final pixel.

    Whether it's a marketing site, platform or phone app - we take pride on building solutions that put the user first. Using the latest technology to create fast and performant products, we use stacks that put our clients ahead of the competition and keep them that way.

    Our developers have a strong interest in design and UX. They work in close collaboration with the design team throughout the process to make sure the project is benefitting from the latest developments in web, and solving problems in design before they hit the development phase.

    Static designs are brought to life with engaging yet functional animation and an attention to detail that keep users on the site for more than just the content.

Our team

Experts in their field eager to use technology for people and issues that need it the most.

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Ready When You Are

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